Modeling and Simulation Courses Overview

Simulation modeling is the most widely used operations research / systems engineering technique for designing new systems and optimizing the performance of existing systems. Yet, the education of many analysts is limited to vendor training or university courses that focus on how to use a simulation-software product, which is clearly inadequate. Our courses on modeling and simulation will provide you with the complete set of skills actually needed for simulation-project success. You will learn the latest and most-important simulation techniques in a small fraction of the time that would be required by self study or by attending simulation or operations research conferences. Each topic builds on previous ones and is presented in an intuitive and understandable manner, making use of numerous examples, in-class exercises, and live demonstrations.

Public Simulation Courses

Public Seminars

Public versions of the simulation courses are presented in the spring and fall of each year at conveniently located hotels.  Course attendees have come from 24 countries.

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Online Simulation Courses

Online Courses

We offer on-demand courses for aspects of simulation modeling that cannot be found elsewhere. The material for these courses is based on the latest practical research, presentation of more than 550 live simulation courses in 20 countries, and the performance of approximately 50 simulation studies.

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Onsite Simulation Courses

Onsite Seminars

Averill M. Law &  Associates can present an onsite version of any simulation course, which will generally be very cost-effective for the client organization. To date we have presented more than 270 onsite seminars on six continents.

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