Advanced Modeling and Simulation COURSE

This simulation course will discuss practical and easy-to-understand statistical techniques for comparing alternative system designs, variance-reduction techniques for obtaining more precise comparisons for the same amount of computing, the use of experimental design techniques to determine important system factors, simulation-based optimization, and agent-based simulation (ABS). ABS has been the “hottest” topic in simulation since 2005. All concepts will be illustrated by one or more examples. Students will compare firsthand two or more simulated systems using proper statistical techniques, and run and analyze an agent-based model. Each attendee who is taking this seminar as a stand-alone course will receive a copy of the book Simulation Modeling and Analysis (McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition, 2015) by Averill M. Law as part of their registration fee – this book is widely considered to be the “bible” of simulation with more than 172,000 copies in print and 18,600 citations. The prerequisite for this seminar is the “Fundamental Principles” course or permission of the instructor.

Onsite versions of this seminar have been given for organizations such as AT&T (Saudi Arabia), Boeing, IBM (Belgium), Logistics Management Institute, Northrop Grumman, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Sandia National Labs, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Forces Korea, and U.S. Navy.


What You Will Learn (look to the right for more detail):

  1. Advanced Techniques for Output-Data Analysis
  2. Comparing Alternative System Designs
  3. Variance-Reduction Techniques
  4. Design of Experiments for Simulation Modeling
  5. Agent-Based Simulation
  6. Simulation-Based Optimization