Distribution-Fitting Software

ExpertFit will automatically and accurately determine which probability distribution best represents your data set, and typically will do so in less than a second. ExpertFit has 40 distributions, 30 high-quality graphical plots, 4 technically correct goodness-of-fit tests, sample sizes of 100,000, interactive histograms, extensive support for simulation modeling, a distribution viewer, batch mode, comprehensive context-sensitive help, and a User’s Guide with 8 complete examples.

Don’t be mislead by other distribution-fitting packages that have a small fraction of ExpertFit’s features, inferior distribution-selection algorithms, statistically invalid goodness-of-fit tests, fit distributions that contradict the very data on which they are based, and limited graphics and documentation.

Discrete-Event Simulation

Distribution-Function-Differences Plot

These versions of ExpertFit are designed for people who are doing discrete-event simulation. They will put the selected distribution into the proper format for direct import into 14 simulation-software packages. They also provide extensive support for choosing a distribution in the absence of data, including models for task times and for random equipment breakdowns.

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Data Analysis in General

Q-Q Plot

These versions of ExpertFit are designed for people who are doing data analysis in general. They have been used in such diverse disciplines as actuarial science, agriculture, chemistry, economics, environmental analysis, finance, forestry, hydrology, medicine, meteorology, mining, physics, psychology, reliability engineering, and risk analysis.

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