I have purchased more than 35 copies of ExpertFit over the years while working for several different employers. We have found that the software is not only reliable, but takes into account everything necessary to give our simulation models the right statistical “Fit” to our data as if an “Expert” statistician were doing the analysis. Moreover, it is easy to use and is updated regularly.

David Ferrin


ExpertFit has been used at Georgia Tech for almost 20 years. Thousands of undergraduate and graduate students have been able to experience the detailed steps involved in fitting statistical distributions to data sets. ExpertFit is an excellent software package that does what it promises to do very well, intuitively, and correctly!

Christos Alexopoulos and David Goldsman, Professors

School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Georgia Tech

I originally purchased a different distribution-fitting package, but I encountered many problems
– it often said that no distribution fit or all distributions fit equally well. I also found, simply by “eye-balling” the graphs, that the suggested distributions were obviously selected incorrectly. I think that something was wrong with the ranking algorithm or goodness-of-fit tests.

As a result I purchased ExpertFit. I’ve been very satisfied with it and never found any problems. (I’m an anal scientist who triple-checks everything.) It does the same as other analysis tools, but has more capabilities and always provides accurate results.

Raymond Ward, Operations Research Analyst