Flexsim Software Products


  • Drag-and-drop object-oriented model construction
  • Complete application and model customization
  • 3-D virtual-reality animation
  • Integrated spline technology for conveyor and path layout; advanced operator and transport material-handling logic
  • Complete C++ compiler and IDE integration
  • Includes ExpertFit distribution-fitting software

FlexSim Healthcare

  • Library specifically designed for simulating healthcare applications
  • Drag-and-drop model building
  • 3-D animation and customizable dashboard for graphs/charts
  • Benefits include improved workflow, elimination of bottlenecks, and reduced costs/patient delays

Simio LLC


  • General-purpose graphical simulation package with ability to develop vertical applications in areas such as healthcare, transportation, etc.
  • Intelligent objects allow new modeling constructs to be built and existing ones modified using graphics rather than writing code
  • Integrates 3-D animation directly into the modeling process
  • Experimenter allows the user to automatically run multiple replications for multiple scenarios on all available processors
  • Created by Dr. C. Dennis Pegden, who led the development of the Arena®, SIMAN®, and SLAM® simulation packages