Dr. Law is an international expert in simulation modeling. If you are responsible for modeling and simulation, I recommend you treat yourself to his live presentation. I found his knowledge, training, and advice indispensable.

Michael Fox, System Design Engineer


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. My only regret is that I was not able to take the course 6 months ago – I could have avoided many mistakes.

David Phelps, Industrial Engineer


Learning from the master of masters

Edward Williams, Professor

University of Michigan - Dearborn

I took your simulation course more than 35 years ago, and have used what I learned throughout my career. A lot has changed since then, but the basic thought process I learned still applies.

Paul Sticha, Principal Scientist


This a fantastic seminar. He is a resounding expert. I took this course more than 15 years ago.

David Williams, Director of Workforce Analysis

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

I attended Dr. Law's short courses in the past. I strongly recommend these courses for whoever wants to gain an in-depth understanding of simulation modeling and theory.

Hooman Askari-Nasab, Professor

University of Alberta

I took your simulation course some years ago and it has been one of the foundations of my work in business analytics. Thank you.

Gregory Watson, Chairman

Business Excellence Solutions

You were a "legend" in my mind before your talk, and that status is certainly now cemented forever. You have an amazing gift – thanks for sharing your gift and experience!

Operations Research Analyst

Defense Contract Management Agency

Your seminar was one of the great learning events in my life – that and reading your book cover to cover.

Operations Research Analyst

Office of Naval Intelligence

Overall, this is by far the most useful time I have spent in any seminar in the past 10 years. It was a pleasure.

Operations Research Analyst

U.S. Marine Corps

You are a knowledgeable and passionate person. I am pleased to have learned from you. I would definitely recommend this course to others!

Ph.D. Candidate

Uniform Services University

Your teaching skills are terrific! (from a former teacher)

Defence Scientist

Defence Research Development Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis

The course has provided me with a wealth of new knowledge. Thank you for your time and effort, and I hope to return for future courses.

Simulation Analyst

Ausenco Canada Inc.

Thank you. It was a great seminar and I learned a tremendous amount.

Operations Research Analyst

System Planning & Analysis, Inc.

The value I have received from this course has far exceeded my expectations and the cost of the course. Phenomenal job teaching the material.

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Notre Dame

Great class with a very good book and notes.

Reliability Engineer

U.S. Navy

Thanks for a great course at FFI.

Senior Engineer

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Excellent seminar! The information I learned will be helpful in evaluating our manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Engineer

General Dynamics OTS

Outstanding! Dr. Law is truly the expert in his field.

Defense Analyst


An excellent seminar by an expert presenter/instructor. I am very pleased with what I learned. Thank you!

Operations Research Analyst

Canadian Department of National Defence

Course is extraordinarily comprehensive and complete. The material is presented in a very clear manner, suitable for the technical and less technical audience alike!

Technical Fellow


Very informative and entertaining too! Dr. Law’s knowledge, insightful anecdotes, and humorous style made for a great course.

Industrial Engineer

U.S. Air Force

I will definitely use the information contained in the class notes and textbook. Course subject matter will cause me to rethink how I set up, run, and evaluate models.

Industrial Engineer

General Mills

Excellent course. It addressed a real deficiency in my understanding of probability and statistics related to modeling and simulation.

Computer Scientist

U.S. Army

This was my first rigorous treatment of simulation modeling. I feel that it was time well spent.

Communications System Analyst


Excellent course. I haven’t addressed probability and statistics applications in detail for almost 20 years. Dr. Law brought me up to speed quickly and in an entertaining manner. I feel like I now have a good foundation for the new simulation project that I’ll be working on.

Senior Research Programmer

Center for Naval Analyses

The experience was worth the cost and more. Understanding of topics exceeded expectations.

Staff Analyst


One of the best seminars I have ever attended. Excellent balance of practical application information and technical rigor. Useful training materials and documentation. Overall, provided a sound basis for effective use of simulation modeling and analysis as a decision tool.

Technical Architect

U.S. Army

Greatest seminar that I have ever taken at Robins AFB. It was challenging and informative.

Industrial Engineer

U.S. Air Force

You are a very gifted speaker with a great sense of humor.


U.S. Army

I have been taking courses at the China Lake training center for approximately 25 years. I rate this as the most useful and informative course that I have taken.

Electronics Engineer

U.S. Navy

Once again the class exceeded my expectations! The material is excellent and extremely well presented. The professor has a wealth of knowledge.

Lt. Commander

U.S. Coast Guard

Your seminar was stimulating, riveting, and very applicable to my current work. You have a wonderful speaking style!


Logistics Management Institute

Excellent overview of simulation concepts. Dr. Law is a true master.

Operations Research Analyst

U.S. Army

Engaging and excellent instruction. I have wanted to take one of Dr. Law's seminars for years. I'm glad that I finally made time to take this seminar.

Information Technology Analyst


Excellent instruction!!! Dr. Law is very knowledgeable about his subject matter.

Systems Engineer

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control

Very good seminar. Presentation was done very professionally. You know your stuff Dr. Law. Hopefully, I will be able to come back for future seminars.

Industrial Engineer


This is the most comprehensive explanation of agent-based simulation that I have seen. I feel that I actually understand agent-based simulation now, which I did not as of 8:00 AM today.

Operations Research Analyst


Thank you for an enormously informative course.

Defense Analyst


I would recommend this course for anyone who works with simulations of any type.

Operations Research Analyst

U.S. Army

Your course is absolutely outstanding. Well worth the expense. I will recommend it to my associates.

Senior Consultant

Booz Allen & Hamilton

I did not know a lot about simulation, but I now feel that I have a good basis to start from, as well as access to a brilliant book, notes, and good references. Excellent seminar.

Mathematical Modeler

Sasol Technology (South Africa)

This is by far the most beneficial and useful course that I have taken. I hope that I can start to put its principles to use real soon.

Senior Principal Engineer

BAE Systems

The seminar provided me with all of the necessary skills to use simulation modeling. I was very impressed by your knowledge, dedication, and professionalism.

Industrial Engineer

Vancouver Port Authority

Very informative and useful. You are very good at simplifying a complex concept so that it is understood by the student.


Defense Intelligence Agency

Best course that I have taken in at least 16 years. Instructor’s responsiveness and teaching methods/examples were excellent.

Operations Research Analyst

U.S. Army